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Welcome 5.5.* users to the Homebrew world
-- REMINDER : To prevent further System Update from being processed, make sure to set both DNS to (TitleDNS "Los Angeles") and (TitleDNS "The Netherlands") on your console.
=> Don't ever think a dropped console will never get any update from Ninty again! O^O : WiiU firmware 5.5.2 have been released! It has been comfirmed that usual Browser Exploit is fixed in this version, if you ever come to think about updating anyway, please ensure that you have at least Haxchi + CHCB installed on your Wii U (May be a dangerous operation, but will provide permanent hack).
-- LITTLE PRECISION : As much we'd feel very delighted to help out on a fix about this issue, we guys behind aren't the ones who made initial browser exploits. Our profile would probably fit like tweakers more than hackers, perfecting the way how these exploits are triggered into your Wii U. What means, we actually haven't a hand on a possibility to find a new entry point, but are actively monitoring within the scene (Aka devs) to spot & adapt them right away if it'll ever be possible. As for you, we keep our fingers crossed in hope current situation regarding 5.5.2 owners will find a happy end. But still, thank you very much for your kind and encouraging messages, they are much appreciated :3.


Each suggestion is a step ahead in this gate's pefection, so feel free to share & spread your point-of-view with us!
Send a message to Cybernatus on GBATemp or via Email using contact [@]

Good to know

How to make permanent automation working when opening the Internet Browser?

On your WiiU's browser, open a single tab with this gate showing up.
Exit to the main menu without closing the tab, launch MiiMaker and exit it right away.
Now everytime you'll be launching your browser, the automation will take relay and remember the program you have choosen to auto-launch.
You can decide to cancel your automation at any time during the process.
Please keep in mind that your Public IP Address is the main element used to recognize you, due to cookies not working while using exploits. If it comes to change, your automation will reset.

Common related problems =>

Wii U logo is stuck on white screen when running HBL/Loadiine : Verify that you haven't named your SDCard "Wii U" nor "WiiU", this will cause the exploit to crash. Name it otherwise.
FSGetMountSourceFailed : Your SD Card isn't recognized by your Wii U. Make sure you have inserted it well and formatted in FAT32.
Could not load file /program/program.elf : The program you're trying to load isn't present at the expected location. Please verify your files tree (SD:/wiiu/apps/program/program.elf).
When I go back into, step 2 isn't taking place : You took too much time to get back into the gate thus we concluded that you've dropped the procedure [1M30 gap].
My detected firmware isn't correct : You probably entered the hardcoded URL from somewhere (Such like Try using instead to trigger a new detection.
When I launch Loadiine/HBL a second time, my Wii U freeze : You don't have to run a payload twice, when you quit from a game via Loadiine for exemple, just launch MiiMaker to get into it again.
Why permanent automation vanish after a while? : We recognize your Wii U regarding your global IP address. Putting a cookie on your browser won't work since we crash it when running a loader. So if your IP address change meanwhile, so does your automation choice.

Video Tutorials =>

"Splatax Tutorial" By LeanYo
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== FRENCH ==
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"Loadiine GX2 V0.3 - WiiU 5.5.1" By HoloryTV
"Loadiine en 3 minutes ! Méthode simple sans selfhost (5.5.X)" By Skyforce77
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"Instalar Kernel Exploit "Illuminati" en FW 5.5.1 / 5.5.0 (Cargar Loadiine)" By SebasTorrón
"Tutorial Desbloqueo Wii U - LoadiineGX 2" By Hardy Heron
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== GERMAN ==
"Homebrew Launcher 5.5.1 | Tutorial" By Wiiarctus
"Wii U Homebrew Launcher mit 5.5.0/5.5.1" By Flashcardsinfo
"Loadiine GX2 für Wii U installieren (5.5.0/5.5.1)" By Flashcardsinfo

"Desbloqueio Wii U Loadiine Offline Server - RAPIDO E FACIL " Jr Duble Gamer

=> Credits <=

This Modest Loadiine Automation Service is brought to you by Cybernatus from GamerzCorp :3
If you have any question or suggestion, you can either contact me via Miiverse : Cybernatus or via GBATemp.
This portal isn't considering itself as a professional nor very maintened one and is the work of a passionated guy. I hope you'll appreciate it \o// is hosted on a Dedicated Server using combination of Apache2/Mysql5 to manage its concept. Only your IP address is registered into our database to give you the automation engine and 2-steps methodology.
We engage to never share any information regarding your IP to anyone. If you do not connect to the gate within 7 days after your last seen, it will delete your IP itself from our database. No cookies are used in any way (Maybe except when we're really in need of eating something easily, but actually it shouldn't impact you at all :O).

StageFright Exploit : Yellows8
Kernel Exploit : Marionumber1
Illuminati Exploit : MWPlayer123
Homebrew Launcher : Dimok - Andriy921 - z0mb3 - Nougat-Police
Loadiine GX2 : Dimok - N1ghty - Maschell - OnionKnight - Golden45
TCPGecko : Chadderz - NWPlayer123
Cafiine : Chadderz - MrRean
SDCafiine : Chadderz - Golden45 - MrRean
Loadiine GX2 : Dimok - N1ghty - Maschell - OnionKnight - Golden45
Loadiine V2-V3-V4 : Dimok - Golden45
WupInstaller : Crediar
NNU Auto-Patcher : FIX94